MAGStar™ Jetting Tool

The MAGStar™ Jetting Tool is a BOP jetting tool with the combined functionality of a downhole magnet. The MAGStar™ Jetting Tool is designed to jet the BOP cavities to dislodge and capture ferrous metal debris during wellbore clean-up operations of the BOP.


  • Available in multiple sizes to suit onshore, platform or sub-sea BOP stacks
  • Multiple angled jets for penetration into internal BOP profiles
  • Jets can be configured to select direction and total flow areas


Cost savings

  • Combines magnets and jetting tools into one tool, reducing operating costs


  • Available with high torque connections reducing the need for reduced strength crossovers
  • Single piece mandrel with no internal connections for increased strength

Reducing Non-Productive Time

  • BOP cavities are known to collect debris and junk, and jetting before installing the completion can prevent premature failures
  • Capturing debris in the Riser and BOP Stack prevents it from falling down hole and the potential damage to completions


  • Deep Subsea wellbore clean-up operations to collect debris in the riser and BOP
  • During or after milling operations to remove swarf which can damage the BOP rams and annular preventor
  • Pre-completion wellbore clean-ups for enhanced BOP jetting


  • The MAGStar™ Jetting Tool is typically deployed immediately above the XTractR™ BOP Junk Catcher during BOP jetting to capture dislodged debris
  • Best practice recommends to function the rams and annular to help dislodge debris before jetting the BOP stack at 10 BPM while rotating slowly, making 3 passes
  • It is also recommended to reduce jetting to 5 BPM while passing the annular
  • The MAGStar™ Jetting Tool can also be used to jet behind the wear bushing after it has been removed

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