Packer Circulating Tool

The Packer Circulating Tool is run with open circulation ports to allow circulation above a packer and to auto-fill the string whilst RIH. When desired the ports can be closed to allow setting of the packer.


  • Single piece body with no internal connections
  • Drop ball activated to close the ports
  • Shear rating can be changed to suit well conditions
  • Large port TFA to allow high surface flowrates


Cost Savings

  • Allows circulation between the drillstring and annulus whilst RIH with a packer to depth
  • Auto-filling of the workstring reduces RIH time

Increases Well Productivity

  • Allows the well to be circulated whilst RIH to ensure first time deployment of the packer
  • Allows effective displacement of debris that can hinder the deployment of the completion


  • Available with high torque connections to reduce the need for additional crossovers

Reducing Non-Productive Time

  • Allows the lower completion / packer to be RIH first time
  • Prevents premature setting of the packer


  • Allows fluid to exit the string above a Packer or other similar type tool
  • Jetting, Circulating, Tripping Dry Pipe


  • The Packer Circulating Tool is RIH as part of the packer landing string, with ports open
  • When required to set the packer drop a ball to the tool
  • Pressure up on the ball to close the tool ports
  • Carry out the packer setting operations

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