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One trip Milling-Window system.

Odfjell Well Services offers its clients an innovative, full-gauge Milling-Window system that has the potential to reduce side-tracking costs by as much as 50%. The self-contained unit allows operators to open a side-track window in just one trip – saving time and money, while increasing efficiency.

In a single trip in and out of the hole, all seven of the major steps needed in cutting a side-track window can be accomplished, namely:

  • Running the assembly
  • Orientating the whipstock (with MWD or Gyro)
  • Setting the whipstock hydraulically
  • Shearing the mill from the whipstock assembly
  • Milling and dressing the window
  • Drilling a full gauge rat hole
  • Pulling out of the hole

The result is a full-size window completed in minimal time, providing a full-gauge rat-hole for the directional assembly. Odfjell Well Services’ whipstocks system is available in a full ranges of sizes, from 4 ½” through to 20” casing. The system includes all necessary ancillary equipment and one back-up system.

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