Sliding spider

OWS has developed the sliding spider for running Smart completion with 3 or more control lines or umbilical with large cable clamps (3" type).


OWS recommend using the sliding spider when running complex completion with large cable clamps that will not pass through the FMS 275.

When the Sliding Spider is in back position there will be full opening in the rotary for the clamps to go through.

Technical specifications

Rated capacity (ST) 350
Opening when spider fully retracted 18 1/4"
Tubular handling range 4 1/2" - 13 3/8"
Operational mode Via driller or stand-alone panel
Gross measurement: mm / ft. 20171-1300-1120 / 6,79-4,27-3,67
Weight: kg / lbs. 2 800 / 6 200


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