Single Joint Compensator

The Backpacker Single Joint Compensator is designed to create a fully controlled environment when running and pulling tubing and casing.


In conventional running and pulling operations, the driller has to position and lower the pin into the box or pull the pin out of the box using the draw works. As the draw-works are designed to handle very large loads, it is difficult to perform these motions in a delicate way. The backpacker system is capable of balancing the small load of a single joint and move it into position in a very delicate manner. The Backpacker decreases the loads that the connection will see during rotation. The decrease in thread loading allows all connections to be made up with little chance of galling or damage to the seal areas


  • Elimination of seal damage due to rough handling by driller,
  • Elimination of thread damage due to rotation under load,
  • Elimination of torque anomalies,
  • Elimination of jump out and re-entry when pulling, and ability to make up connections by hand due to reduction of vertical (weight) loads.
  • Newly developed safety sound alarm system if overpull to avoid damage and dropped objects.

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