OWS Power Tongs 2 3/8" – 30"

OWS wide range of power tongs will cover all of the customer’s requirements and expectations.


  • OWS offer a comprehensive range of standard and specialized power tongs, covering a range from 2 3/8" – 30"
  • Today's challenging wells will often include ultra-high torque connections, high chrome applications and specialized liner's.
  • OWS power tong systems will cover the demand for low/non marking applications.
  • Use of GRIT FACE (tm) dies system, will allow stainless steel corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) tubulars to be run as quickly and efficiently as conventional tubulars.

Technical specifications

Torque Range 6,000 ft./lbs - 100,000 ft./lbs
Tong/Jaw Sizes 2 3/8" - 30"
Maximum Operating Pressure 3000 PSI / 207 Bar

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