Hydraulic Power Units

Odfjell Well Services offers two types of Hydraulic Power Units.


The Hydraulic Power Units ensure the best hydraulic supply regardless of their locations and can operate independent from the rig.

The diesel unit is ideal for intervention services where the location does now allow a full rig to be installed.

Technical specifications

  Electric unit Diesel unit
Manufacturer Norson or Hytech Paramode og Brimmond
Type / Model 2722E Ford Engine / JCB 444 Engine
Power Supply Electric, 380 to 690 Volt Diesel
Power Output 45 KW 75 BHP
Hydraulic Reservoir 400 liter 400 liter
Flow Output 180 liter/min (max) 180 liter/min (max)
Zone Classification Zone I Zone II
Safety Systems Yes Yes
Length x Width x Height (mm) 1420 x 1320 x 2270 1800 x 1000 x 1800
Weight (kg) 1750 4250
Certification DNV-2.7/1 & ATEX and CE DNV-2.7/1 & ATEX and CE
Certification Intervals Semi Annually / Annually Semi Annually / Annually

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