Cold Cutter

The OWS Cold Cutter is a preinstalled water-cooled saw that fits for installation in most of our tong systems, without any modifications and no use of extra rig time.


The compact and easy to fit Cold Cutter Saw enables crews to quickly switch to the saw if a connection is not able to be broken out with the OWS 100K tong system. The OWS Cold Cutter will be cost saving to the client, as it eliminates the need for any additional service providers - specializing in cutting tubular.

Technical specifications

Capacity 6"-18" pipe
Drive Hydraulic
Weight 153 kg
Stroke 2"

Examples: Casing data sheet for Cold Cutter 5,5" to 14" 

Size Weight Wall Thickness Estimated time to cut
5.5" 23 PPF 0.415" 10.54mm 11.5 min
6.625" 32 PPF 0.475" 12.07mm 13.8 min
7" 35 PPF 0.498" 12.65mm 17.0 min
9.875" 66.9 PPF 0.668" 16.97mm 24.0 min
10.750" 73.20 PPF 0.672" 17.07mm 28.0 min
14" 100.00 PPF 0.700" 17.78mm 35.0 min

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