Casing Running Tool with External Grip (CRTe)

The OWS CRTe is designed for casing drilling or running with top drive equipped rigs to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill/circulate, and cement casing and liner strings, reducing non productive time and associated costs.


The CRTe is mechanically activated in tension and both rotational directions solely by top drive control using TAWG™ (Torque Activated Wedge Grip) technology. This patented architecture puts control in the hands of the driller, reducing the need for third party support to run casing. Simple intuitive operating steps for pipe engagement and release closely emulate the familiar make and break steps used to run drill pipe — stab, rotate to the right to engage and reverse to disengage. Similarly, rig-in and rig-out steps are simple, intuitive and efficient. Starting from the base bell diameter, selectable sizes of jaws/dies are used to configure the CRTe to support gripping casing of decreasing external diameter.

Technical specifications

Tool model: CRTe -1.0, Specification summary Drive Module 1

Rated Load Capacity Hoist 1, 2 ton 500
  Torque 2, 3 ft.lbs 40,000
Typical Circulation Pressure Limit 4, 5   psi 5,000
Maximum Pressure End Load   ton 100
Overall Tool Length   in Float: 83.4
Non-Float: 71.0
Float Length   in Float: 6.1
Tool Diameter Stroke   in 1.37
Maximum Tool Diameter   in 13.7
Through Hole   in 1.0
Tool Joint     NC50
Turns to Stroke Out     1.75


Tool model: CRTe -1.0, Specification summary Grip Module 5.5

    4.5" Casing 6 5.0" Casing 6 5.5" Casing 6
Die P/N   82155 85408 81813
Nominal Pipe Size in 4,5 5,0 5,5
Maximum Coupling Diameter in 5,67 6,16 6,6
Maximum Coupling Length in 12,95 12,95 12,95
Die Curvature Diameter in 4,51 5,01 5,51
Die Length in 16,3 16,3 16,3
Tool Weight lbs Float: 1,893
Non-float: 1,720
Float: 1,880
Non-float: 1,707
Float: 1,866
Non-float: 1,693



  1. Tool hoist rating is based on API Specification 8C; however, casing load limit may be further constrained by local interaction of slip dies with casing.
  2. Capacity ratings provided represent design intent. These values may change pending outcome of design verification testing.
  3. Torque capacity may be limited by slip die/casing interaction.
  4. CRTe circulation pressure capacity is generally governed by packer cup pressure capacity. Pressure capacity may be less than indicated if alternative seal arrangements are used.
  5. CRTe hoist capacity must be reduced by the pressure end load during circulation.
  6. Values given are valid for all pipe weights specified in API Specification 5CT.

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