BX Type Elevators

OWS Supplies a range of Remote Operated BX-elevators suitable for all tubulars ranging from 2 3/8" to 20".


The standard BX elevator is a hydraulic operated double door elevator, which is equipped with replaceable bushings to handle various styles and sizes of tubulars. The elevator will automatically close when the pipe hits the body bushing, and opening of the elevator is remote controlled. BXS elevator has been developed in order to eliminate the need for lifting caps when running flush or semi flush connections. The BX-elevators has become the standard type of elevators in the market, and are used in OWS operations globally.

Technical specifications

  BX-3 BX-4-75 BX-S
Weight 1100 kg 1040kg 1315 kg
Size Range 9 5/8" - 20" 2 3/8" - 9 3/4" 2 3/8" - 7 5/8"
Max load 18° tool joint NA 500 sTon 350 sTon
Max load 90 coupling 350 sTon 750 sTon 350 sTon
Min WP 2000 psi 2000 psi 2000 psi
Compatible w/rotators Yes Yes Yes
Operation type Shoulder latch Shoulder latch Slip type

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