Big size Flush Mounted Spider

OWS, together with partner, has deployed these large type FMS being able to run from 24" to 30" casing/conductor fully remote operated.

The dies and inserts are custom built to have as little stress on the casing/tubing as possible. Physical tests has shown that the FMS leave very little marking on the casing/tubing during high load jobs.


The OWS FMS comes in following sizes: 

  • For 49 1/2" rotary, 1000 ton capacity, slips sizes 24", 26" and 30" (custom sizes can be made)
  • For 37 1/2" rotary, 1000 ton capacity, slips sizes from 2 7/8" and up to 20"
  • All FMS's are hydraulic operated and can be operated directly by the Driller
  • OWS and partner, believes these tools are the best , safest, and most efficient tools built in today's market

Techincal specifications

Tubular Handling range 49-1/2" Rotary table 24" - 30" (One inch variance on dies)
Tubular Handling range 37-1/2" Rotary table 5" - 20" (One inch variance on dies)
Rotary capacity 1000 ton
Custom sizes available Upon request
Operational mode Via Driller / Via stand alone panel

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