Big Size And High Load Capacity Elevators

Sizes 9 5/8" – 14", 24", 26" and 30". All OWS Big size and high load capacity elevators are fully hydraulic remote operated and are controlled with the same controls as BX elevator have today. This enables these elevators to be very easy to integrate into rigs hydraulic systems. 


Elevator can be delivered in following sizes:

  • 500 ton capacity, bowl sizes for square shoulder from 24” 26” and 30” (custom sizes can be made)
  • 1000 ton capacity, bowl sizes for square shoulder custom built from 9 5/8” to 14” to fit any needs for high load capacity casing to be run without using slips type (Spider) elevators. 

This tool is very safe to use compared to traditional tools that show much more failures in high stress areas.

Elevator will also be equipped with hydraulic tilt actuators that allow Driller to pick up casing and conductor from Catwalk machine the same way they do today with a standard hydraulic elevator. OWS has high focus on using standard controls that is already integrated on the rigs and most of the Drill crews are familiar with.

Large size doorless elevator information

Tubular Range 24" - 30" 9-5/8" - 14"
Manufacturer OWS OWS
Capacity 500 ton 1000 ton
Model Doorless Doorless
Hook up kit Standard "NOV" Bx type Standard "NOV" BX type
Rotator Fixed Fixed

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