7-5/8" Casing Tong c/w 8-5/8" Back Up

The 7-5/8" Casing Tong with the integral 8-5/8" Back-Up is the ideal casing tong for running casing and tubing from 7-5/8" down to 2-1/16"


For running tubulars with (high) chrome content OWS has fitted the Chrome Master Head on the 7-5/8" Casing tongs. With this Chrome Master Head OWS can ensure a full 360° wrap on the body of the tubular with limited indentation on both steel and coating.

The 7-5/8" Casing tong is an open-throat design that can handle tubulars from as small as 2-1/16" to as large as 7-5/8" in diameter. The system features two jaws in the tong and three jaws in the backup, which encircle the pipe. Wraparound jaws and dies, combined with our low-friction jaw technology, constant radial load cam system, and compensating jaw design, provide exceptional gripping capabilities with reduced pipe deformation, stress, and marking. Using our non-marking aluminum die system or GRIT FACE™ Dies in the tong and backup will allow stainless steel corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) to be run as quickly and easily as traditional tongs run conventional steel tubulars.

The 7-5/8" Casing tong can be fitted with Chrome Master accessory upon clients request. With the Chrome Master the operator can manually operate and control the pressure intensifier system. This allows non-marking of thinwalled, low strength or expandable tubular goods.

Technical specifications

Maximum Torque 30,000 ft/lbs / 40,675 Nm
Maximum Operating Pressure 3,000 P.S.I. / 207 Bar
RPM @ 35 GPM / 132 LPM / Manual Gearbox Max allowable flow rate / 65 GPM / 227 LPM
High 42
Low 7
Tong Handle Length 36" / 91,4 cm
Back-up handle length 32" / 81,3 cm
Length 56" / 142,2 cm
Width 34" / 86,4 cm
Weight - Tong w/backup (approximate) 2,550 lbs / 1,159 kg
2 Tong jaw sizes limited to
14,000 ft/lbs. / 30,000 ft/lbs
2-1/16" thru 4-1/2" / 4-1/2" thru 7-5/8"
1 Back-up jaw size 2-1/16" thru 8-3/4"

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