10-3/4" Power Tong with 11-3/4" Lock Jaw Back Up

This tong was specifically developed to provide the smallest possible footprint for use in applications where space on the rig floor is limited.


The 10-3/4" Casing tong is an open-throat design that can handle tubulars from as small as 2-3/8" to as large as 10-3/4" in diameter. The system features two jaws in the tong and three jaws in the backup, which encircle the pipe. Wraparound jaws and dies, combined with our low-friction jaw technology, constant radial load cam system, and compensating jaw design, provide exceptional gripping capabilities with reduced pipe deformation, stress, and marking. Using our non-marking aluminum die system or GRIT FACE™ Dies in the tong and backup will allow stainless steel corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) to be run as quickly and easily as traditional tongs run conventional steel tubulars.

Technical specifications

Maximum Torque 40.000 ft/lbs / 54.232 Nm
Maximum Operating Pressure 3,000 P.S.I. / 207 Bar
Maximum low gear torque and speed 40.000 ft/lbs / 54.232 Nm - 4 rpm
Maximum high gear torque and speed 5.400 ft/lbs / 7321 Nm - 28 rpm
Maximum back up torque 40.000 ft/lbs @ 3000 psi
Tong Handle Length 40" / 101.6 cm
Length 65-1/4" / 165,7
Width 33-3/4" / 85,5 cm
Height 65-1/2" / 166,4 cm
Weight - Tong w/backup 4.500 lbs. / 2.041 kg
Jaw sizes 2-3/8" to 10-3/4"

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