Tubular Running Services Tools

Safe and efficient services with leading edge technology

Odfjell Well Services has the experience, expertise and tools to offer the safest and most efficient Tubular Running Services throughout the world. We use radio-controlled, remote-operated tubular running technology and a new range of handling equipment. These are just a selection of our tools, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our Tubular Running Tools. 

7-5/8" Casing Tong c/w 8-5/8" Back Up

The 7-5/8" Casing Tong with the integral 8-5/8" Back-Up is the ideal casing tong for running casing and tubing from 7-5/8" down to 2-1/16"

10-3/4" Power Tong with 11-3/4" Lock Jaw Back Up

This tong was specifically developed to provide the smallest possible footprint for use in applications where space on the rig floor is limited.

Big Size And High Load Capacity Elevators

Sizes 9 5/8" – 14", 24", 26" and 30". All OWS Big size and high load capacity elevators are fully hydraulic remote operated and are controlled with the same controls as BX elevator have today. This enables these elevators to be very easy to integrate into rigs hydraulic systems. 

Big size Flush Mounted Spider

OWS, together with partner, has deployed these large type FMS being able to run from 24" to 30" casing/conductor fully remote operated.

BX Type Elevators

OWS Supplies a range of Remote Operated BX-elevators suitable for all tubulars ranging from 2 3/8" to 20".

Casing Fill Up and circulation Tool (FAC)

The (FAC) Tool offers operators the safest and most efficient means to fill or circulate casing strings at desired rates as they are being run.

Casing Running Tool (CRTi)

The OWS CRTi tools are designed for casing running or drilling with top drive equipped rigs to enable connection make-up, break-out, circulation and rotation, increasing the chance of getting casing to TD the first time.

Casing Running Tool with External Grip (CRTe)

The OWS CRTe is designed for casing drilling or running with top drive equipped rigs to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill/circulate, and cement casing and liner strings, reducing non productive time and associated costs.

Cold Cutter

The OWS Cold Cutter is a preinstalled water-cooled saw that fits for installation in most of our tong systems, without any modifications and no use of extra rig time.

Hydraulic Power Units

Odfjell Well Services offers two types of Hydraulic Power Units.

OWS Power Tongs 2 3/8" – 30"

OWS wide range of power tongs will cover all of the customer’s requirements and expectations.

Remote Operated Ows Scissor Tables With Power Tongs

Odfjell Well Services uses a wide variety of remote operated power tongs. The OWS invented scissor tables have many advantages for use on rigs during tubular running.

Remote Operated Slips Lifter with Integrated Safety Clamp (Patented)

OWS Remote Operated Slips lifter with Integrated Safety Clamp increases the safety level on rig floor. This system enables operations to be conducted without any personnel in Red Zone.

Single Joint Compensator

The Backpacker Single Joint Compensator is designed to create a fully controlled environment when running and pulling tubing and casing.

Single Joint Elevators

Odfjell Well Services has a large inventory Single Joint Elevators ranging from 2-3/8" up 42".

Sliding spider

OWS has developed the sliding spider for running Smart completion with 3 or more control lines or umbilical with large cable clamps (3" type).

Torque turn computers

Odfjell Well Services Torque turn computers offer real-time monitoring of torque and turns from the tong with automatic shoulder detection and dump.