Tubular Running Services:

Safe and efficient services with leading edge technology

Odfjell Well Services has the experience, expertise and tools to offer the safest and most efficient Tubular Running Services throughout the world. We use radio-controlled, remote-operated tubular running technology and a new range of handling equipment.

  • Remote radio controlled and conventional equipment
  • Top Drive Casing running
  • Remote operated and conventional power tongs
  • Casing and tubing running and recovery
  • Casing drilling

Odfjell Well Services is a leading company in the field of remote operated equipment, often self-developed in close cooperation with collaborative vendors. As a result, Odfjell Well Services is experiencing ongoing growth in the range of services.

  • Chrome running and handling
  • Tubular handling equipment
  • Remote operated tongs and handling equipment
  • Casing Running Tool (CRT) 7” to 26”. 85 000 ft/lbs torque, Up to 625 m.ton pull / 120 m.ton push
  • Torque turn computer service
  • Casing cutting tools
  • Centralizers

If we don’t have the proper equipment, we invent it 

Odfjell Well Services endeavors to continuously develop new technology within the industry. The company delivers the safest and most efficient services using radio controlled, remote-operated technology and a new range of handling tools. 

Ahead in Tubular Handling Tools 

Odfjell Well Services has developed a range of remote operated handling tools including:

  • Radio operated power slips complete with integrated remote safety clamp for ranges from 2 3/8” to 20”.
  • Sliding spider designed for complex completions
  • Advanced interlock systems
  • Thread doping/cleaning applicator system
  • Big size elevators up to 30” and 1000m.tons and fully remote hydraulic operated
  • Big size Flush Mounted Spider (FMS) Up to 30” and 1000m.tons

Ahead in Tong Systems 

Odfjell Well Services delivers high-torque tong systems up to 100,000 ft/lbs. The remote operated tong systems that Odfjell Well Services has developed during the last ten years have the added benefits of:

  • Increased efficiency and safety
  • Hands-free rig floor operations have reduced the need for personnel on site
  • Ability to design custom made equipment for rigs where workspace is limited
  • Non-marking chrome operations
  • Radio controlled tong systems
  • High-tech torque-turn system
  • Less personnel required​​

TopDrive Casing & Tubing Running

Unparallelled efficiency and increased well control

Conventional Casing & Tubing Running

Hands off the casing string!

Tubular Running Services Tools

Safe and efficient services with leading edge technology

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