Statoil breaks casing running records with the TDCRTi on Deep Sea Atlantic

The TDCRTi (Top Drive Casing Running Tool Internal) sets new standards for casing running. Speeds exceeding 38 joints per hour has been recorded on DSA. –A fantastic tool, a fantastic rig and a client who aims for the pinnacle of production efficiency, says OWS operation supervisor, Øyvind Borgen.


Borgen praises the close relation between Statoil, Odfjell Drilling and OWS in this project.

- We knew the TDCRTi is capable of delivering fantastic results. With the DSA we had the rig to optimise its performance. Statoil made this possible and went all in from the start. We wanted to explore the limits of the tool, and all parties have contributed to this success. This curiousness and open-minded kind of attitude had big impact on both the process and the results. We rely on this valuable experience going forward to Johan Sverderup, Borgen says.

Forward leaning

The DSA have drilled approximately 20 wells on Gullfaks in the North Sea since 2010. They used the TDCRTi as a filling and circulation tool from 2012, and as a complete make-up tool from from 2013.

- The TDCRTi is extremely high performing, says OWS Operation Engineer Kai Andre Mjånes. It's always a matter of arranging the systems around it to take the full advantage of it. Statoil have been eager to achieve this. They have contributed to the development of a torque turn sub that enable us to make up the casing using the tool. They have also worked with us on developing a crti mode on Cybebase. This enables total control from the drillers cabin, and effective collaboration between driller and casing operator, Mjånes explains.

Handlig difficiulties

Henning Hassel is the Onshore Operational planner from Odfjell Drilling.

- The tool's ability to keep well control and get the casing through difficult formations is remarkable, he says. It has saved the client them from going differential stuck on several occasions. Circulating and rotating to get through tight holes is a powerful option in those situations. I believe that the TDCRTi is the best casing tool ever made, Hassel says. From an Odfjell Drilling perspective it is not possible to overlook the versatility of the DSA. We are happy with the rig performance and the amazing running speed exceeding 38 joints/hour. We look forward to continue this record breaking collaboration with Statoil and OWS on Johan Sverderup. Hopefully with a TDCRTi capable of running 7" casing, Hassel says.

A word from the client

Roy Bjørkmann- We expect a reduction in Key Performance Indicators when adapting to a new tool, says Statoil's Company Man Roy Bjørkmann.

- A Key Performance Indicator, like joints/hour, will vary during start-up and training. In this project the adaption to the new tool was fast. The KPIs reached higher levels than we are used to, he points out.

- The TDCRTI means increased efficiency, better QHSE and better control in tricky situations. We actually went stuck with a 10 3/4" casing. We had a thick casing through BOP and no option of cutting on WL. The TDCRTi enabled us to do a deep back off of the casing and get on with the operation, he explains.

Bjørkmann adds well control, the ability to run through tight holes, and filling while running the casing in the hole, to the positive experiences using the TDCRTi. And I reckon OWS is doing their best to develop a CRTi system that reduces the need for a second system to make up liner hanger or casing hanger, he says.

- Finally I emphasize the interpersonal skills of the teams at Odfjell Drilling and OWS as an important factor for achieving the good results with TDCRTi on Deep Sea Atlantic, says Statoil's supervisor for drill ops, Roy Bjørkmann.