OWS Wellbore Clean-up granted US patents

OWS have been granted two US Patents protecting four innovative products from the ArmRdillo Wellbore Clean-Up range which are the cornerstones of their business.

- We are very excited about this, says head of Wellbore Clean-up Product Line, Simon Leiper. He is the inventor of the patents and says that this is a landmark for the R&D team.

- When we started out, nobody thought it was possible to bring anything new to a crowded and well developed wellbore clean-up market, including myself! The reception we have had from the market, in particular to the RazRdillo™ and MAGStar4™, proved all those doubters wrong. Our commercial success has now been compounded by our technical success and further validated through the granting of these important patents.

Reducing costs

The RazRdillo Casing Scraper, the ScouRdillo Casing Brush, the MAGStar4 HD Casing Magnet and the MAGStar Jetting Tool are the products that now may add a patent granted hallmark to their names. They are all parts of the acknowledged ArmRdillo Wellbore Clean-Up System designed for combining different cleaning operations in one string.

- Today’s market is almost entirely cost driven. Wellbore clean-up plays a significant role in driving efficiencies during completions. We have been able to drive a rapid development philosophy combined with low cost manufacture and leveraging our existing OWS infrastructure to create not only a world class product, but also cheaper than our competition, and these savings can be passed onto the customer. Our new DrillRdillo™ will continue that trend and demonstrate a step change in cost savings during well delivery.

Focusing on the future

Since the launch of the ArmRdillo product line, the R&D team has grown significantly. Simon is confident that they will bring more good news soon.

- This product line now represents an important part of OWS portfolio. The success in the market and the patents awarded legitimises our work. We shall continue build our brand as a leader in innovation, and we shall continue to grow our business even in the current down-cycle. This confidence allows us to continue to invest in development of new technology where our competitors are not, placing us in a strategic position to catch the up-cycle when it happens. This would not be possible without the ongoing contribution from our R&D team and the support of our management, says Simon Leiper, OWS Wellbore Clean-up Product Line Manager.

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