OWS saves major operator 27 hours of rig time in first UK wellbore clean-up & displacement operation

OWS sets a milestone in the expansion of its Wellbore Clean-Up Product Line with the deployment of next generation DrillRdillo™ and RizeRdillo™ technologies as part of a full wellbore clean-up operation for a major international operator in the West of Shetland. 

A clean, debris-free wellbore is fundamental to achieving a successful well completion

While a good wellbore clean-up (WBCU) operation requires the investment of both time and money, it undoubtedly pays dividends and is becoming increasingly critical in the pursuit of optimised modern well designs.  Reducing the risk of non-productive time (NPT) during the completion phase and potentially improving the service life of the completion equipment itself, getting the WBCU right at the beginning can significantly improve the well production performance through its entire lifecycle. 

In July this year Odfjell Well Services (OWS) completed its first WBCU job in the UK, bringing with us years of international experience in executing WBCU operations for our customers across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Collaborating with our Platform Drilling division (PDR) in the West of Shetland, OWS provided a full WBCU and displacement operation covering a comprehensive scope of services and equipment.  From pre-job planning & modelling, specialist offshore personnel and the deployment of our next generation WBCU tooling; not only was this OWS’ first WBCU operation in the UK but it was also our first comprehensive WBCU operation with this client globally.

Eliminating 27 hours of rig time compared to the best offset well previously performed on the field came as a result of the first ever UK deployment of our DrillRdillo™ Dormant Casing Scraper and RizeRdillo™ Advanced Jetting Tools and the results speak for themselves.

Driving performance through innovation

Central to the success of our WBCU operations is our advanced range of proprietary tooling. The tools deployed for this operation were as follows;

  • DrillRdillo™ Dormant Casing Scraper, eliminating the need for a dedicated scraper run that would otherwise have been required to prepare the lower and upper completion packer setting areas. This reduced the time between drilling and running the completion, saving the client 14 hours’ rig time.
  • RizeRdillo™ Riser Combi Tools (RCT) and Advanced Jetting Tools (AJT) were used for debris removal, cleaning the BOP and riser wellhead areas in order for the fibre lower completion to be run in hole safely, to depth.
  • RazRdillo™ Casing Scraper, MAGStar4HD Casing Magnet, Downhole Filter and Weight Circulating/Swivel tools were also used, ensuring that all the debris in the 9-5/8” casing was removed. This enabled us to carry out brine displacement quickly and efficiently to meet the required fluid cleanliness specification (TSS <0.05%) prior to running in the upper completion, 13 hours faster than the incumbent contractor.

A ‘One Team’ approach

A significant benefit of the Odfjell organisation is our ability to bring together our various disciplines, engineering capability and expertise in order to work collaboratively.  As a result-orientated and agile organisation, we are able to move quickly and decisively to deliver solutions to client challenges.

Focusing on a ‘One Team’ approach with PDR allowed us to identify time saving opportunities through meticulous early planning and successfully apply our ‘Zero Fault’ philosophy to all aspects of the operation.

Want to learn more about how we can help you improve your well productivity with our customised wellbore clean-up solutions? Get in touch with our UK team at owsuk@odfjelldrilling.com