OWS remote operated equipment a game changer in the Asia Pacific Region

From the introduction of the TDCRTi in 2013 OWS clients in Vietnam has gradually incorporated remote operated equipment. Track records from the DSM-1 shows very good results both in efficiency and HSE.

The optimised process

-We witness an important change in customers' demands after experiencing how an optimised casing running process is delivering excellent results, says Gary Marshall, Operations Manager - Asia Pacific.

Applying the TDCRTi was the first step. Now we stack trebles on the auxiliary side of the DSM-1 and use full remote operated casing equipment with zero hands in red zone. This is optimising the process and it benefits us on three levels, Marshall explains. Firstly, the stacking of trebles in stands on the auxiliary side is a major efficiency booster and takes the most out of a double derrick rig. Secondly, the remote operated equipment takes hands off of tubulars, slips and safety clamps, and removes people from red zone. Thirdly, the TDCRTi have shown its ability to run through difficult formations with increased control in situations that would mean POOH with conventional equipment. These characteristics are indeed visible in the track records and clients are now valuing the quality of the process, the economical gains and the safety concerns, Marshall says.

Open communication

Despite their relatively short presence in Vietnam, the OWS TRS have achieved very good results. The operational supervisor in Vietnam, Philip McDonald, points out that their success relies heavily upon a team of highly skilled OWS professionals and a client that is continuously looking for ways to improve.

- From the very beginning, in 2013, we have been able to save the client valuable rig time. We provide expertise and state of the art equipment. Luckily we have a client that really wants to perform on top level, and understand that this is mutually beneficial. PVDWS communicates very openly with us and listens closely to what we have to say. When they started out with the TDCRTi, the tools around it were not optimised. They let us help them pick the right tools to make the most out of the TDCRTi, and the results are now heard all over Vietnam.
Every morning we sit in on a telephone meeting from the DSM-1 and so far we haven't had one negative feedback, McDonald says.

Door opener

OWS is currently exploring their first deep water well with the DSM 1 in the south of Vietnam. Given a good reservoir, this opens up for more deep water projects.

- Once you get results, the word is spread here in Vietnam, says Gary Marshall. But we are fortunate to have PVDWS that also recommend us to their other clients. A company man put it this way: Not since the invention of the top drive I've seen a tool as efficient as the TDCRTi. Marshall explains that the TDCRTi might be a door opener into the Indonesian market as well, with clients making requests about the tool. And the word of excellent results from Casing While Drilling is passing around in Indonesia.

- This shows how a new market opens up without OWS needing to fight to get in position. With the track record from Vietnam and the expertise and equipment we provide, we are now in a very good position to capture market shares when the market turns. And turn it will, says Gary Marshall, Operations Manager – Asia Pacific.