Business Ethics

Odfjell Technology - Well Services is obliged to comply with the following Business Ethics.

Code of business conduct

Odfjell Technology - Well Services is committed to following a code of business conduct that ensures that our operations, corporate governance and employees adhere to the highest standards. This, we believe, is a key factor in our continued business success.

The code of conduct, together with our five core values, guides our decisions and operations, while at the same time articulating the moral fibre at the core of the business.

We want all our customers, stakeholders and relevant authorities to be conscious of the fact that they can always rely on Odfjell Drilling’s professionalism and genuine integrity.  The code maps out clear guidelines for the company management and employees to follow, ensuring that everyone is aware and compliant with our corporate standards.

Odfjell Drilling is dedicated not only to being a leader in terms of drilling technology and world class operations, but also in the way it adheres to high ethical standards and complies to all applicable laws and regulations.