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A true international well service company providing world class customer service.

Odfjell Drilling’s idea for a dedicated drilling tool rental company arose during the mid-1970s in connection with the procurement of drilling equipment for the recently acquired H-3 rigs and the operations experience gained in the early years as a drilling contractor. As a result, a new business area, Odfjell Rental was created, with its head office in Stavanger. In 1977, the company’s entered the UK market as Odfjell Drilling & Consulting Company (ODCC UK), with bases in Aberdeen and later in Great Yarmouth. The rental department proved to be a significant addition to the company over the years that followed and in 1982 the business expanded to include tubular running services.

Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Odfjell’s Casing & Rental division grew to become a significant part of the Odfjell Drilling group; recognised as a global oilfield service provider with operations in Norway, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia. The company continued to evolve and in the mid-‘90s would become Odfjell Well Services (OWS). At the start of the millennium, OWS entered the Middle East market by acquiring NTera LTD in the United Arab Emirates. The acquisition brought wellbore clean up and fishing services into the product portfolio and became the catalyst for in-house engineering and development.

On the 28th March 2022, the decision was taken to split Odfjell Drilling and spin off several of the business areas. Odfjell Technology was born and OWS became the Well Services division of Odfjell Technology. Today, our Well Services business area has twelve base locations throughout Europe, the Middle East & Asia. Leading the way in TRS hands-free solutions and innovative drilling tools, we focus on delivering safe, reliable services that create value for our global clients and company alike.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and API Q2 certification reflects our commitment to quality and protecting the environment.

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From The Well Blog:

The OWS drilling scraper has continued to seize pole position for almost a decade

17.11.2021 07.44.14

Following our unrivalled success in the offshore arena with a state-owned oil company in the UAE, Odfjell Well Services (OWS) recently won another significant contract for this client as the primary supplier of a Drilling Scraper.

DrillRDillo™ Drilling Scraper - Integrity and efficiency combined

03.10.2021 11.56.09

The client was looking for a solution to drill a highly deviated deep well (14,000 ft) through numerous depleted zones, which increased the risk for losses and differential sticking. In addition, there was also a requirement to scrape a lower completion packer setting depth inside the 9-5/8” casing.


OWS supplied the DrillRdillo (DRD), a 360° contact robust scraper tool that withstands harsh drilling conditions. With the DRD in the BHA and the knowledge that this expandable scraper has been thoroughly tested under extreme drilling conditions, the client can focus entirely on drilling this challenging well, and also save a dedicated WBCU trip.