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Tubular Handling Equipment

Odfjell Well Services is a major supplier of Tubular Handling Equipment, both Remote and Manual operated. We can deliver most common sizes of Tools listed.

Elevators (Manuals)
Elevator Links (Manuals)
Lift Protectors (Manuals)
Lift Subs (Manuals)
Safety Clamps
Slips and Bowls
Spiders/Flush Mounted Spiders
Rig Tongs
Casing Running Tool
Stabbing Guide
Klepo/SOSO Protectors
Casing Tongs, Remote
Casing Tongs, Manual
Sliding Spider
Power Units
Big Size Equipment, 24" - 30" 


For Specifications/Manuals please follow the above links.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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